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Introducing our new InVia Micro Raman system!

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

In our project, we use Raman spectroscopy to explore and understand the composition of the microcalcifications in breast tissue sections. Our Lab is now equipped with a Renishaw InVia Raman system comprising a confocal microscope with a 50X long working distance objective, 600 lines/mm grating and a CCD camera (Figure a). Two diode laser sources can be used as an excitation beam at 830nm and 785nm wavelengths allowing different applications.

A micro-Raman map of each microcalcification in breast tissue sections was recorded using Renishaw Streamline® mode (Figure b) and single point spectrum (Figure c) can also be collected in the middle of microcalcification showing for example the contribution of the phosphate (961 cm-1) and carbonate (1072 cm-1) ions, lipids (1449 cm-1) and proteins (amide I, 1670 cm-1).

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